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For school students

The choice of the right occupation is one of the most important and sometimes also most difficult decisions to make in life. Make use of the opportunity to undergo an internship to acquire an early feeling whether the relevant job is suitable for you. In addition, you can also already make initial contacts that may be very helpful when you apply for a job at a later stage.

You can find out what public authorities offer various internships by making direct enquiries. Phone the service offices, make specific enquiries and leave your “personal fingerprint” behind when using these channels. After all, you can show your commitment, dedication, readiness to work and your personal interest.

For students

The state authorities offer internships for various fields of study. You are welcome to contact the relevant public authorities directly.

Administration internship in lawyer training

You can complete this obligatory internship as an individual internship with a state authority or in the form of a group internship in various public authorities of the state administration.

The following applies to individual internships: Be sure to contact the public authorities in good time and obtain all the information you need.

The group internship “Administration” is organised by the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Sport and provides you with an insight into the large variety of options in the state administration. As part of a group of about 25 persons, you will become acquainted with various service centres in the region and Hanover and gain an overview of tasks and legal issues in the state administration, without – unlike an individual internship – being integrated into the daily work routine.

The group internship is offered in the lecture-free period of the summer semester. The programme of events with closer details of content and application options is always published in the spring on the websites of Leibniz University of Hannover and Osnabrück University.


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