You have successfully passed your second state examinations and are in search of professional challenges?

The state of Lower Saxony has jobs available for fully qualified lawyers

  • in the general administration
  • in the tax administration
  • in the Justice Department
  • with the Police


General administration

The Ministry of Lower Saxony for Internal Affairs and Sport employs budding junior talents on a centralised basis as senior civil servants (position: Regierungsrat) for the general internal administration of the state of Lower Saxony. Applicants must be eligible for appointment as judges.

Activities in the field of general services provide many and various options for employment in the state administration of Lower Saxony, frequently associated with appointment to a managerial position. In a three-year introductory programme, you will be assigned to various offices of the state administration and prepared for your future tasks.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Ministry of Lower Saxony for Internal Affairs and Sport:

Ms Claudia Schulz
Telephone number: 0511 120-6372

Tax administration

The Higher Regional Finance Directorate of Lower Saxony – Central Tasks Department – employs budding junior managers for the tax administration of Lower Saxony.

As a Regierungsrat (senior civil servant), you will be prepared for your future tasks in a 12-month induction period. The introductory period comprises practical induction within an assessment revenue office, accompanied by appropriate academic training sessions at the German Federal Finance Academy in Brühl, as well as a practical induction into the tasks and work divisions of the LStN (State Authority for Taxes of Lower Saxony). This is followed by a further 3-month practice-oriented special induction into tax audits.

Following the induction period, budding junior managers will generally assume a managerial function in acting as heads of a special subject area or department with one of the 67 revenue offices of Lower Saxony. With suitable aptitude, you also stand to qualify for a position as manager of a revenue office, section head of the State Authority for Taxes or in the Finance Ministry of Lower Saxony and as a lecturer at the Tax Academy of Lower Saxony.

You will find the full advertising text as well as information on your contacts with the State Authority for Taxes of Lower Saxony at: https://www.lstn.niedersachsen.de/job_karriere/ausbildung_stellen/regierungsraetin_rat


If you are eligible for appointment as a judge, you can work in the Justice Department as a judge or public prosecutor. An appointment as a judge is always subject to a probationary period. An appointment is decided on the basis of your specialist qualifications primarily resulting from the results of the state law examinations as well as the outcome of a structured employment interview. During the probationary period lasting for at least three years, as a rule you will be assigned to various courts and public prosecution offices and prepared for your future tasks.

Your eligibility for appointment to judicial office will also enable you to be employed in the justice enforcement facilities, carrying out tasks assigned by the management of the relevant authorities or their deputies or you can work as a clerk in the criminal enforcement division of the Justice Ministry of Lower Saxony or as a legal adviser. You will undergo a three-year induction period, in which you will be prepared for your future tasks and be acquainted with as many forms of enforcement and enforcement locations as possible. In addition, you will take part in a managerial staff development programme and in an internship with the Justice Ministry of Lower Saxony.



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