Online application

Create the perfect job application with only a few clicks!


Cost savings: by submitting a job application online, you will save the costs for application folders (material, copies, etc.) and postage.

Time savings: Preparing a job application folder with a covering letter can take a very long time. Using the online form, you begin by directly entering your data. You don’t need to print any documents, copy any certificates or other documents and you don't need to post your application by snail-mail either.

Here are the few steps you will need to take to apply online:

  • Select an offering
    You have found the suitable job with an online application offer? Now click on “Apply online now” at the end of the page.
  • Create an application
    Complete the application form and upload your attachments (in pdf or jpg format). What should be noted are the records requested in the public tender text.
  • Authentication
    After sending your application, you will receive confirmation by email. In doing so, please activate the authentification link, and then you will be part of the selection process.

To avoid technical difficulties, please use one of the following browser (versions) Chrome (52+), FireFox (38+), Safari (10) or Internet Explorer (10,11, Edge). Activation of JavaScript, AdBlockers must be deactivated, and please do not use custom cascading style sheet (CSS).

The editorial panel members of the Career Portal Lower Saxony wish you good luck and every success!



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