Online application

With a few clicks to the perfect application!

A digital application may - depending on the specifications - be filed in form of a short informal email, or in epic length via an application portal.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Therefore, the State of Lower Saxony restricts itself to request only relevant information. The online form will guide you safely to the destination, and will tell you which documents we will need.

If an online application is offered for your preferred job, please use this possibility.


The editorial team of the career portal of Lower Saxony wishes you a lot of success!

In a few steps to the online application – this is how you do it:
  • Select the offer:
    Found the suitable job? If an online application is possible, simply click on “Jetzt online bewerben” [Apply online now].
  • Create your application:
    Complete the application form and upload the necessary documents. Possible are PDF or JPG formats.
  • Authentification:
    After sending your application, you will receive an email with an authentification link. Activate the link and done!
Technical specifications:

To avoid technical difficulties, please use the following browser versions: Chrome (52+), FireFox (38+), Safari (10), or Internet Explorer (10,11, Edge). Activate JavaScript, deactivate the AdBlocker. And please do not use Custom-CSS!

Your data – of course protected!

Of course, the State of Lower Saxony attaches much importance to data protection. Your information is stored encrypted corresponding to the GDPR, and will only be accessible for authorized persons.